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Dr. Lisa Valow-Picarello

Lisa Valow-Picarello MD PLLC       Lyme Care Plus

Lisa Valow-Picarello MD graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1994 followed by her residency in Family Practice at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. She practiced Family Medicine in Orange County and Rockland County New York for 15 years.  During that time she developed a special interest in Lyme disease.

This special interest developed mainly due to the fact that many of her family practice patients were getting Lyme disease and some were becoming very ill even though they had received the standard recommended treatment. This fueled her desire to learn more to better help her patients. She and her family also have had personal experience with Lyme disease.

In 1999 she took a course at Westchester County Medical Center on Lyme and associated diseases sponsored by the CDC. This course included observing the evaluation and management of patients with acute Lyme disease at a Lyme Diagnostic Center.  

In her Family Practice she would encounter a much broader range of disease presentations including many with severe chronic sometimes disabling symptoms. Her more severely affected patients needed more help and treatment than the standard IDSA guidelines recommended.

Therefore in 2009 she received ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) physician training and became a member.  She attends ILADS conferences and LDA/Columbia University conferences yearly as well as many other Lyme related conferences. She is continuously researching and learning more on these topics.

In 2012 she stopped practicing Family Medicine and began her solo practice focusing on the evaluation and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases.  She aims to help people struggling with a multitude of symptoms and disease presentations.  

In her experience caring for people affected by Lyme she has found it extremely rewarding to help restore peoples lives after many have suffered with their symptoms and often felt hopeless and fearful not knowing where to turn for help.

She strives to partner with her patients through the course of this journey, a journey to health!